Blanco  -  Moda Hombre
Store at day (1950)

Store at day (1950)


Enrique Blanco Lac, a painter and suit taylor from Logroño, founded the taylor shop Blanco in 1954. At first, this establishment was exclusively a tailoring business, that Blanco Lac had to combine with his love to painting. While he was participating with their clothes in fashion shows in Barcelona, Blanco Lac set up his studio in the back of the store and created a showroom, as there was none in the city. Once a year, some painters from La Rioja, who formed the Revellín Group with him (Jesús Infante, Tomás del Santo and Vicente Gallego ) exhibited their works in there. In addition, the studio became the meeting point for important art critics of that time.

His son Enrique continued the family business, which made possible Blanco Lac devoted exclusively to painting from the sixties.

Although the name of the taylor shop has remained always the same, since 1985 this business is specialized in men's clothing. In the shop window and inside the store, from 1994 (year of death of Blanco Lac) until 2012 (the year his son Enrique retired), we could see some of his paintings as a tribute to the artist from his family.

In 2012 Enrique Blanco retired, leaving Julio Gómara -a shop-keeper that previously managed Dernos Moda Hombre- in charge of the business.

Store at day (1950)
Store at night, with a new sign (1950)
Enrrique Blanco Lac (right) with a friend (1954)
The present store at night (September 2013)
Enrrique Blanco (son) with his wife (July 2008)
Julio Gómara, who currently manages the store (May 2013)