Blanco  -  Moda Hombre
Left shop window.

Left shop window.

The Shop

Blanco is a store open to public in Logroño, with experience and reputation for over 50 years. Our best guarantee is the loyalty of our customers and the personalized service we offer.

In Blanco you will find a wide variety in menswear , covering all kinds of styles, from classic to modern style . We work with prestigious brands such as Pierre Cardin , Pionier, Décimo Hombre , Grasil , Migueleto, Liza, Jupiter and Meyer, among others.

Here you will find suits from size 48 to 68. Shirts, stitch clothing and trousers are available in both regular and large sizes as well. We also have personal accessories.

Strengths: large sizes availability and the great variety of styles and colours.

Left shop window.
One of our fitting room.
Interior view of the pants section and stitch clothing.
View shirts section.
American and coats section.
One of the counters next to the stitch clothing section.